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First trip to Vegas, any tips? (1 Viewer)

Dave Hahn

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Jul 22, 1999
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Dave Hahn
Going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks for the first time. I'm a poker player, so I'll be spending most of my gambling time in poker rooms. I've read a travel guide and a few things on the net, but have heard little first hand about good 'ole Sin City.

What things are over-rated, and what should I not miss? Who has the best buffet? What's the best nightclub, etc.?

All comments will be appreciated.


Senior HTF Member
Jan 27, 2003
Two letters: M & M!

The M&M factory is NEATO! Especially the room that has ALL the different colored M&M's! Mmmmmm Gold and silver M&M's...drool...

Christopher P

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Dec 28, 1998
Hey Dave...how old are you? And who are you going with? Guys? Girlfriend? Do you know where you are staying yet? I've been twice, but am not a gambler at all. And I know lots of people here have been...there seems to be a first Vegas trip thread every now and then here. You should get plenty of ideas.



May 15, 2000
Best ride: The Big Shot at Stratosphere (though I haven't tried the bungee at Circus Circus.

Best buffet (that I've tried): Seafood buffet at Rio. Long line though. Rio is also known for having the hottest cocktail waitresses.

Poker rooms are not a big money maker, so not all houses have them. MGM and Harrah's have closed their poker rooms in recent years. It's my favorite game, though I still have much to learn. The Bellagio room is very nice, with the potential for celebrity sightings. Mirage is nice, and usually has enough tables going that it's easy to be seated. Flamingo has a small, friendly poker room. Binion's is no doubt the most famous, but I've never played there. There are others, but I don't know anything about them.


Feb 11, 2002
My favorites in no particular order:
  • Penn and Teller
  • Blue Man Group
  • The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
  • Studio 54 at the MGM Grand (eye candy)
  • Olympic Gardens
  • The Cheetah Club
  • The Hard Rock Casino on the weekend (more eye candy)
  • Ferrara's Italian restaurant on West Flamingo Road
  • Cajun food at the House of Blues
The Freemont Street experience is a 'must' just to say you've been there. Arriving/Departing McCarren airport at night and seeing the strip lit up.
I love just walking the strip at night to see the sights and the people. Vegas gets your blood pumping like no other place I've been. Just remember, you can always sleep at work, enjoy your trip ! :D :D


May 24, 2001
The best place to see the fountain show at the Bellagio is across the street atop the Eiffel Tower at Paris. And make sure you do it after dark. For my money, Mystere at Treasure Island is a fantastic show. Also, try the AJ Hackett bungy jump at Circus Circus if you have the guts. I did it (have the video to prove it) and it's an incredible rush. Another great thrill ride is the aforementioned Big Shot atop the Stratosphere. Again, best time to go is at night and make sure you sit in the seats facing south...toward the Strip. On the other hand, I found the roller coaster atop the Stratosphere to be very lame. If you want a coaster, head down the Strip a bit and ride Speed at the Sahara or (even better) Manhattan Express at New York, New York. It's a rip-off (I think 12 bucks a ride...$5 for a re-ride), but damn it's fun! A 200+ foot drop with a couple of inversions...and man is it rough for a steel coaster. :D Also enjoyed my visit to Coyote Ugly at New York New York. It's the size of a shoebox and don't expect to grab a barstool or seat...there are none. They have some pretty...ahem...talented bartenders there. :b

Best Buffet: Bellagio..hands down. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, doesn't matter.
Most overrated place: M & M World--It doesn't cost anything to get in, but what's the allure of seeing thousands of M&M branded products, including M&M facial care and beauty products? And the much vaunted Colorworks, where you can get M&M's in a couple dozen colors is pretty weak ( and pricey...like $10/pound) when you consider the candy tastes the same no matter what the color.

Murray Logan

Mar 16, 2003
Hi, Dave:

Have fun in the holy land.

I'm strictly a poker player so all my advice is about that. Other than agreeing that Penn and Teller are a must see.

Don't know what limits you'll be playing, so:

Bellagio and Mirage will have everything you're looking for and more. The Bellagio is the Vatican of poker now, so look for the big names (say hi to Doyle).

They spread low limit as well, of course. For low limit, I like the Monte Carlo (it's a 1,4,8,8 game) and be sure to check out their brew pub.) Mandalay Bay is another nice, low limit room.

The Orleans has great tournaments. Check Card Player (it's online at cardplayer.com) for schedules.

Check out Binion's (and all of downtown) for the history, but the place is a smokey dirty dump. Don't play there.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have if you email me.

Good luck


oh, check out the Gambler's Bookstore and the Gambler's General Store. Costco for gamblers!

Brian Perry

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May 6, 1999
If you venture to the Hard Rock Hotel, which I think is actually a dump, check out AJ's Steakhouse. After eating at the restaurants at Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Caesar's, etc., I had low expectations. Was I surprised -- it was phenomenal.

Mirage Sportsbook during March Madness is pretty cool.

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