First time with a real sub, words can't describe!!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mike_Cif, Jan 8, 2005.

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    Today I was able to hook up my first real subwoofer. I have a rather large theater room 35x25 feet and while I have a fantastic set of fronts/center/rears with 15" woofers (Infinity SM155) these obviously provide a very rich, detailed and large dynamic sound , although can't provide the type of LFE that I was really aiming for, no fronts really can. I was able to find a great deal on a HPS-1000, I was ready to pull the trigger on the SVS PB12/2 although, at this point I feel that I'm achieving way more then I could of ever dreamed for, at over half the cost. My post is mainly to describe the overall experience that I experienced after a few discs, and directly to alot of avs'ers who question is a a sub necessary, and specially is a sub of SVS, HPS1000, ect Quality/Price needed. The only way to sum my experience is jaw dropping, and well it never came back up. I put in Prince of Egypt as I remember in the past it being a great demo disc even on my mains, mainly the great scene where the sea is parted and a fireball graces the screen moments before hand. The way to describe what I felt was not bass, but as if the fireball literally ripped inside the house, I must imagine I felt the same feeling as if a real tornado was to rip into your home. When the water was being parted up in the air, I could hear very little bass, although what I was truly involved in, was something much greater then bass, it was being engulfed in a wave of power that felt like that entire room was surrounded by this water, it literally felt like a shock wave, words can't describe the type of feeling when one is in the middle of a 1000watt subwoofer that goes down very low in hz, which are inaudible to the human ear.

    Just curious, has anyone else experienced this feeling on the POE DVD, with the parting of the sea with their gear?

    If anyone is considering getting a subwoofer , please take the time to invest a bit more because other subwoofers just can't provide this type of experience. After doing some research before my purchase I noted subwoofers from Polk, Energy, ect that provide excellent Musical bass down to lets say 30hz, but they are not the same.

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    Hi Mike

    The older (a few years ago they came out) Infinity HPS-1000 is a pretty decent sub. Depending on the price paid, it could be a excellent value for you. From your posting wordage, ~{it seems you bought it very right}~.

    Never having a real powered sub and now hooking a pretty darn nice one up to your system, certainly throws a whole new dimension on things, now dosen't it!

    I have not seen the movie in question, so can't comment. But your experience is not uncommon when one first gets a sub capable of digging aways down below the box store wimpy units with very deep material
    Fun stuff hey!

    Be sure and calibrate the sub along with the rest of your system, using Avia or the like so as to not be running it to awful hot. Something many do when first getting a slammen sub, WOW listen to that bass man! Not sure of your complete setup, but you might want to run all speaks small (even the mains) with the apropreite crossover selection.

    Enjoy your new toy and listen to what you may have [​IMG] been missing in all your movies, I'm very sure our already working on that.

    If it's working for you don't let the few try and tell you how much better this or that might be or have been. If you bought it right and your happy, thats all that counts! [​IMG]

    If buy chance you ever hurt the driver, Ive heard the JL-15W6 I belive it is, works better than the original driver. Someone had 2 HPS-1000 (an experienced DIY'er) and blew a driver and decided to experiment/model some divers for it. He found that one of the JL drivers worked/modeled well, was cleaner and deeper with the same PR's tho a little mass was added.

    Sorry babbling, enjoy you new little power house.

    Geoff ¥
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    While I'm not familiar with your particular sub, I do remember the feeling when I upgraded from a functional, basic sub to one with some power and extension (it may not be the end all of subs, but I still took a significant step up) and it was great. Enjoy the new sub.
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    Hey Mike,

    Fun read and congrats on your new sub!

    I to remember the days of getting my first big step-up sub and what a joy it was.

    Just sit back and enjoy it if you can, for thats what it's supposed to be all about.

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