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Jun 11, 2002
Hello.....I am currently looking for my first theater system. My TV is a 48" Mitsubishi with no s-video input (will be replacing this TV soon, hopefully for a wide screen HDTV), a SLV-N71 Sony VCR, a Panasonic DVD-RV27, and I get digital cable. I have been looking around for a system in the $500 to $700 range that can be upgraded at a later date. The system should have a FM/AM tuner. Althought I have a DVD player, I am no asverse to getting a system with a DVD/CD player (the other would more to the play room). Anyways I want a system for DVDs, CDs, and stereo (I don't currently have a stereo) and has at least 5 speakers. I have been leaning towards Onkyo HT-S650. What does everyone else reccommend? For my first system should buyer a complete package (with the possibility of upgrading) or should I purchase individual components?

Thanks in advance.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
The HTIB (home theater in a box) systems are pretty popular these days-- usually include everything in one package, or sometimes in one unit. I personally would suggest getting "seperate" components as much as possible-- as then as you consider upgrades, doing so is much easier!
It sounds like you have a DVD player and VCR- so all you really need is a Receiver and a speaker system. At a $700 price point you could probably find plenty of models that come in a package with speakers (by the way, almost every modern receiver has a radio tuner built in, so you don't have to give this too much thought).
As far as a specific model- this will be tough for me, as I haven't been in the market. I know the Kenwood systems are quite popular for that marker (you can read an old thread about the JVC HTIB systems here: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...threadid=26722). However, almost every imaginable model of receiver has been discussed at length here in the basics area and in our receiver area. I'd start by doing a search on the Onkyo HT-S650 you had in mind-- and you'll probably find a dozen posts which compare it to another system... which will give you some other ideas (and probably tell you how they compare).
For example:
These threads all mention similar models-- which can spawn some additional searches which might give you some additional options. With a few days of reading you should be able to figure out what the biggest values in your price point are (and probably the places to find them the cheapest).
A search is your friend!

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