First time ever playing on a pool league, and I won my first set!

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    Sorry, had to shout it out; it was quite exciting!
    I was the last of the 5 team members to play, but it was my very first time playing -- not just for the team but in any league play.
    I was ranked a 4 (starting rank); my opponent was ranked a little lower, so it worked out that I had to win 4 and he had to win only 2.
    He got the first break, but after I nervously fumbled through the first match I actually won it. He then went on to win the second, while I picked up the 3rd and 4th.
    The fifth came down to the wire; I had used up both my timeouts but as I had a nice clean shot at the 8-ball so I wasn't too worried...which was my mistake, as I missed. Worse, I gave him a perfect shot to hit his last colored ball and set himself up nice for the 8. Everybody groaned when I missed and some said, "Good run, dude." My opponent hit his last colored ball in, and went to hit in the 8.
    He hit the ball, but it bounced at the corners of the pocket and rested pretty much in the center of the corner pocket.
    I had been given a big, fat, juicy gift, and I wasn't going to screw it up again!
    SMACK! Down went that 8, and everybody was like, "You da man!"
    Sadly, our team lost 3 of the 5 matches. But hey, I am very happy to have contributed a win, especially on my first night!
    Woohoo! [​IMG]
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    Congrats! I love to shoot pool. Not very good at it, but I like it! Actually, I usually start shooting decent after 5 - 6 games. ::shrug:: I could start bragging about some of the great shots I've called and made but I won't! It is funny though, I've made all kinds of difficult shots and yet it seems like I always mess up the easy ones. Go figure.

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