First time at screening with filmmakers- do they usually talk over end credits?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Jesse Skeen, Aug 4, 2005.

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    I just saw a free showing of "The Chumscrubber" (pretty good movie by the way) at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, where the director and producers were in attendance and did a live intro and a discussion after the movie. I was pretty shocked to see them start their discussion in the middle of the end credits though- they had the lights come up and walked in front of the screen and talked on the sound system over the music, and even had the sound completely turned down after a minute. Do most filmmakers do this at such screenings? It seemed very disrespectful to do that to their own movie- the last few minutes of it were rather intense and I would have liked to have watched the end credits in peace to "decompress" afterwards- one of the main reasons why I watch credits anyways.

    When they turned the sound down I stood up and protested, and one of the producers gave me $10 to come back and see it again- I'll hold onto it til the DVD comes out [​IMG]

    I'm not creative enough to make my own movie, but if I were I'd demand everyone stay seated and shut up til the VERY END. If I were running the booth I would have refused to turn the sound down for them.
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    No, that's not the usual practice.

    My guess is there was another movie to be screened in a half hour and they had to speed things up.

    p.s. How big of a scene did you make that a producer would hand you $10?

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