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    I got my speakers finally four JBL N24s, I'll be adding an NCenter in a couple weeks and the PB10 or 12 a few weeks after that. What do I need to do to break in my new speakers? I'm powering them on a Pioneer D309 reciever, and plan to get a SPL meter and the AVIA disc after the system is complete.

    Also the D309 is rated at 60 watts per channel, I don't have to worry about damaging my speakers if I turn it up to a high volume do I? (N24s are rated at 100 watts/channel) Should I avoid pushing the speakers hard for a while?

  2. ColinM

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    Dec 9, 2001
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    Actually, your speakers are in greater peril when fed by an amp weaker than their rating, not more. When your 60 watt amp tops out it's power supply it'll clip, while a 100 wpc amp will give you 3 more db's before doing the same.

    I believe the 24's average 86db's @1 watt...

    So -

    1w 86db

    2 89

    4 92

    8 95

    16 98

    32 101

    64 (Clip) 104db's

    All at 1 meter from the speaker, and you have to subtract a couple of db's for every meter away you are. I listen to music at 90db very rarely, and I can't imagine anyone doing it louder for long.

    So you should be ok. Just listen for 'compression' (volume knob going up, but the sound not getting louder) or distortion in the tweeter.

    As far as break-in, just let them do their thing, but don't judge sound quality critically until after 10 - 100 hours or so, depending on your ears.

    Have fun, don't worry.

    - CM
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    I've got a VSX-D309 too, and I'm hoping to hook them upto some Axiom M3ti speakers for the fronts. Will this be a Bad Idea?? I mean - are those speakers suitable for such a receiver?
  4. Phil Iturralde

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    Adam_S - Congrats on your purchase! I second & agree with every thing that ColinM wrote on his thread above. Break them in by just playing your normal selected programs. You can play the N24's slightly above your normal listening levels if you want, but listen carefully for any sound stress and if you hear that, turn it down immediately.
    Even though the JBL N24's Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power*: 100W - the JBL Manual states

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