First project: Tempest Subwoofer, Adire Alignment (pics)

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Javier_Huerta, Nov 3, 2003.

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    This is post #1 regarding a couple of projects I began 1 year ago... all inspired by all the people on this forum.

    Once again, thank you for allowing me to learn from you, and for helping me start a couple of projects I have finally been able to do.

    You are the best! [​IMG]

    First: The Tempest Adire Alignment subwoofer.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is the one that started them all. A year ago, I bought the driver, flared ports and amp. Since I was building a new home, I wanted to wait before comitting on building it. I wanted it to be as cosmetically integrated as possible.

    Lots of stuff happened since then. I found out my Tempest driver is damaged (it makes a rattling sound when driven hard at low frequencies), I couldn't finish building my new home, and I was able to rent the house I used to live in as a kid.

    Oh, and I got married [​IMG]

    So this all influenced my decision to build a Tempest, and to buy some associated equipment to go with it (cables - at this point, I couldn't afford a thing).

    The source / power section is made up of a Margules Audio ACRH-1, an ADE-24 black box and a Sony DVP-NS900V SACD player. The sub's amp is the ubiquitous PE 300-794. The sub was built by a professional carpenter (in, I think 4 days!), and stained to match my walls (and the Margules A3.2 bookshelf speakers, which, incidentally, were almost the same colour as the rest of my house).

    The sonic results? The sub is as light and airy as I would have never expected. Those who see the Tempest as a powerful quake-starter might be a bit disappointed. I have started calling it the "Gentle Giant" (El Gigante Gentil), because it is very delicate in its approach, yet it can plumb the depths of audio frequencies with ease. If there's one one phrase to describe it, it would be "has a gentle approach to low-end". [​IMG] Frankly, my equipment is overwhelmed by the thing - after calibrating, it's pretty obvious the Tempest is being very gently driven. No matter how hard I push it, it never distorts, sounds ugly, or the like...

    ...except when I drive it with sine waves. There, it's apparent the driver is defective - there are lots of rattles and weird noses, which I found to exist even when the sub is driven in free air (so it's not the box the one that rattles).

    Did I mention that, when playing sine waves, the entire house rattles??? Heh...

    I love the sub... and I'll keep it for quite a while. [​IMG]
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    Good job, Javier! Your are really getting heavily into this DIY stuff. I know you are having fun and will enjoy the fruits of your labor, so keep going![​IMG]
  3. Brett Creider

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    I definitely like the looks of that....very nice...

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