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First new thread in a year...selling to clear space...criterions, oop, boxes, etc. (1 Viewer)

Phil Thron

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2002
Howdy, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a list. We are attempting to make room in the house and the overflow of DVDs is one area that can use a bit o’ cleaning. I am mostly looking to sell right now…there are a small handful of things I would be willing to trade for (see bottom of thread), but those are all I’m interested in. I really prefer PayPal, but will take money orders or $$$.

All discs are widescreen unless otherwise noted. I take excellent care of my collection, and these come in very good condition, with the possibility of some shelf wear. Any scratches on discs or excessive box/case wear I have noted.

Media Mail shipping with delivery confirmation is $2.00 for the first disc and .50 for each additional. I think most prices are fair, but I am open to offers. Buy several and we can definitely work out a deal, both on shipping and cost of discs.

There are a lot of very interesting discs in this listing…take a look, you may find something unexpected and delightful.

UPDATE 2/25: Lowered many $$$...priced to sell...make an offer, I'm open to negotiating...

Amarcord (first release) $15
Band of Outsiders $15
Brazil Box set (first release) $23 SOLD
Charade (1st printing) $15
Diary of a Chambermaid $15
L’Avventura $20
King of Kings $20 SOLD
Royal Tennenbaums $10
Spartacus $25 SOLD
Testament of Dr. Mabuse (SEALED) $23
Ugetsu $22

The Abominable Snowman (OOP; Hammer; A/B) $25
American Graffiti (OOP) $15
Blair Witch Experience (OOP; contains both films, CD, necklace, games; SEALED) $10
City Lights (OOP Image release) $15
The Hammer Vampire Collection: Vampire Circus; Twins of Evil; Countess Dracula (R2; OOP) $25 SOLD
Mr. Sardonicus (OOP) $15
The Naughty Girl (A/B; OOP; Bardot) $10
Phantom of the Opera (OOP; Universal; Claude Rains; not part of Legacy Collections) $10
Plague of the Zombies (OOP) $10
The Reptile (OOP) $15
Rocky Horror Picture Show (2-disc; OOP) $25

Chappelle’s Show: Season 2: Uncensored $15
Dawn of the Dead Ultimate (SEALED) $20
Huckleberry Hound: Vol. 1 $20
Mr. Bean: The Animated Series Box (Vols. 3 & 4; Whatever Will Bean, Will Bean/It's All Bean to Me) $10
Pee Wee's Playhouse Vol. 2 $20
Popeye: 75th Anniversary: Collector's Edition (Koch; 3-discs) $10
The Richard Pryor Show Box Set (3 discs) $20
South Park S1; includes pilot (Warners; disc one has slight scratches that don't affect play) $20
Tales From The Crypt S1 $10
Twilight Zone S4 Definitive (missing disc #4: No Time Like the Past; The Parallel; I Dream of Genie…case is included, though) $35
Ultimate Christmas DVD Collection: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty, Frosty Returns, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Little Drummer Boy (Rankin/Bass collection; SEALED) $20
The Veil $15

Snatch (2-disc) $12
Das Boot $12

Hercules: Gold Collection (Disney; SEALED) $15
My Beautiful Girl, Mari (R3) $5
Tarzan (Disney) $12
Gulliver’s Travels (Winstar) $4
Monster House (fullscreen; SEALED; w/slip cover (tear at top of UPC window…price tag attached) $8
Popeye the Sailor: When Popeye Ruled the Seven Seas (Good Times) $3

Alien (20th Anniversary) $5
Aliens $5
Alien 3 $5
Alien Resurrection $5
Blood of the Vampires $8
Call of Cthulhu $15
The Card Player (Argento) $7
The Company of Wolves $10
Devil's Rejects $8
Dracula (Classic Monster Collection) $10
Exhumed $5
Exotica (OOP?) $8
House By the Cemetery (Fulci; A/B) $10
The Hypnotist $6
The Man Who Laughs (Kino; SEALED) $15
Mill of the Stone Women $10
Minority Report (2-disc) $7
The Mummy (Classic Monster Collection) $10
Small Gauge Trauma $12
Saw II (first release) $12
A Whisper in the Dark $7

$5 each—5 for $20, take ‘em all for $85
The Alligator People $5
Another Heaven (R3) $5
Blood and Black Lace (VCI 1-disc) $5
Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter $5
The Crow (1st release; SEALED) $5
Deliverance $5
eXistenZ $5
The Eye (DTS; Hong Kong release; R0 NTSC) $5
Fall of the House of Usher (Vincent Price) $5
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (First CE release) $5
Femme Fatale $5
Five Fingers of Death $5
The Fog (Carpenter) $5
Galaxy Quest $5
Heroic Trio (Tai Seng; OOP) $5
Homicidal $5
The Hulk $5
Incubus (Shatner) $5
Infernal Affairs $5
It: The Terror From Beyond Space $5
North By Northwest (1st release) $5
The Nutty Professor (Lewis) $5
Spiral Staircase $5
Strangers on a Train (1st release) $5
Superfly $5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Pioneer SE; OOP) $5
Trainspotting (original release) $5
Witches of Eastwick (from collection; seal still on snapper case) $5

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea $12
The Big Bus $8
Classic Commercials (2-discs; cheapo transfers) $5
Dances with Wolves (1st release) $4
Fellini’s Casanova (R2) $12
Point Blank $8
Quick Change $7
The Road Warrior (OOP?) $12
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer $6
Samaritan Girl $8
Spy Game $4
Superman (original release) $4
Superman II (original release) $4

Xbox 360
F.E.A.R. $25 SOLD

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (unedited version; must be 18+) $20

Many Xbox Magazine Demo discs $1 each

At present, these are the only trades I’m interested in:
Sopranos S6 Part 1***
The Monkees: Season 2 (phonograph box)
Forbidden Planet SE w/Robby the Robot
Origins Of Film, The (1900-1926)
The Slapstick Encyclopedia
Top Cat

Other region:
Whistle and I'll Come To You
Warning to the Curious
Hiruko the Goblin/Gemini double feature

Thanks for looking!

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