"First Monday" - why so dark?

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    CBS has been promoting the new Supreme Court show "First Monday" quite a bit recently, and one thing annoys me... it seems like everything takes place in a dimly lit, almost dark court room! What is up with that?
    In a show like "X-Files" it works, sort of, because it's so far from reality that if the offices are dimly lit it's just another "dramatic license" sacrifice.
    But look at a show like "West Wing", where every damn room looks like the light bulbs just broke! They are always walking around in shadows. Who the hell has ever seen an office like that? I guarantee that the White House doesn't look like that.
    In fact, it puts me off so much that I can't stand to watch the show... it reminds me too much that it's just TV, takes away any kind of connection to reality.
    Same for the "First Monday" previews, they make me not want to watch this at all.
    Anyone agree, or am I just too damn nitpicky? [​IMG]
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    I guess it's supposed to evoke "Power" and "Awe" in us, right ?

    James Garner, while a great actor, is a little bit long in the tooth, as they say, and I'm sure at first, everyone will be a little shocked compared to his very memorable

    "Rockford" role...and asking themselves if THEY are really that old! Garner has had a great love affair with television...it just eats him up. Wonder if he "still has it" ?

    This show will have a big job of trying to measure up to "Rockford", that is still in syndication "out there".

    If you haven't caught it, check it out. The role and quality of writing...one of the early Stephen Cannell Production, I think, or he was involved as writer...the crafting of his character and where you can't tell where Garner and his character's personality, leave off.

    Too bad they are taking this slant on the play/movie. The movie took a more upbeat, bright, and entertaining slant, without any cheap and obvious theatrical tricks to manipulate. Walter Matthau and Jill Clayburgh really had alot of chemistry/energy going on with each other.

    Well...here's hoping !

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