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    I was able to take a very early look at New Line's "Town and Country" DVD this morning.
    For those who are not aware of the movie, it was a very troubled production that was originally set to be released late in 1999. Cost overruns and re-shoots caused the mid-level picture's budget to balloon skywards. Many have put it at 80 million, while some have said 100.
    The film stars Warren Beatty as an adulterous husband married to Diane Keaton. Their friends (Gary Shandling and Goldie Hawn) are in the middle of a divorce as well. After both of them have been caught, they head into the wilds to think about what they've done, but only run into more trouble.
    It's hard to describe all that goes on, but the film does manage to be at least mildly funny on occasions, but doesn't really ever get much of a focus on tone or plot.
    Yet, New Line has provided a very nice DVD in terms of presentation. The 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer is beautiful, with terrific sharpness and marvelous color. Only a few very minor flaws appear. The film's Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation is suprisingly terrific, with an incredible level of ambient sounds from the surrounds.
    As expected by the film's troubled production, no one has chosen to participate in supplements. Director Peter Chelsom has moved on to this fall's "Serendipity", which he was probably working on when the DVD was in production.
    Overall, although the film suffered from bad buzz over the huge cost overruns, the final product wasn't quite as bad as I'd expected. It's not something I'd recommend, but if you're a fan of the stars involved, you might want to check it out as a rental.
    A full review is located below. The DVD is out 10/16/01.
    DVD Review: Town & Country
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    This movie was so bad that even at the work screening, I took off and played a video game in the lobby. That was after I kept checking the Indi-Glow dial on my watch to make sure the hands hadn't stopped moving.
    It's really that bad. For movie masochists only.
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    John Steffens
    This was a bad movie, but not VERY VERY bad, there have been far worse this year.(ie. Joe Dirt & Freddy Got Fingered)
    But the editing is terrible, some scenes don't match, some scenes(With Charleston Heston) had me asking...WHY?
    The ending seems to build you up for some great and really funny, but falls flat.
    But, there is some good material. But, I CAN'T recommend this either. But maybe to people over 55, as that is who seemed to like it ALOT, from when I saw it at the theater.
  4. Pieter_L

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    an absolute trainwreck!

    i got it as a free rental - and only to check out a scene that saw being filmed in my local 'hole in the wall' breakfast joint (Maxwell's) ..... but, you guessed it - the scene did not make the final cut.!

    avoid this at all costs. trust me.

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