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    There's probably quite a few adults that looked at this during its theatrical release(s) and thought, that's just a kids' movie. "Spy Kids", when I saw it in March, really suprised me greatly. A fun, clever and entertaining picture, the movie's sort of a James Bond for children. Yet, there's enough inventive, hilarious moments that adults can find enjoyable.
    The presentation by Buena Vista is nothing short of superb. The 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen edition provides beautiful image quality. Sharpness and detail are exceptional and I only noticed a few very, very tiny flaws. The film's bright, vibrant color palette is reproduced wonderfully.
    The Dolby Digital 5.1 presentation is excellent as well. Full of creative and entertaining sound effects and surround use, the more intense sequences really push the sound use well.
    The only problem is that there's really no supplements. Rumors of a special edition are out there, but there's no announcements or details as of yet. The only extras here are both teaser and theatrical trailers. The edition that is included here is the theatrical edition - not the special director's cut that was in theaters in August.
    Although I can understand that a future SE is likely, unless the DVD was already in the production stages, I don't see why the extended and theatrical cuts couldn't both be provided with extended branching for this release.
    Still, "Spy Kids" is wonderfully fun and funny, with great performances and the DVD is certainly worth a look as a rental. If you have children, this is a great movie that both the adults and children can be entertained by together.
    A full movie/DVD review can be found at the link below.
    DVD Review: Spy Kids
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    The color depth is amazing! Thanks for your review, Aaron. I've got this on pre-order, but in light of the flight delays surrounding the tragedy, I don't expect this before next friday. Thanks again for your review.
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    Several of us got together a while back, and tried to decide what movie to go see, when this was at the theater. Despite the objections of some [​IMG] we went to see it anyway.
    While not everyone liked it tremendously, we all liked it some. There was a consensus that this is a good kids+adults movie. There's very few of those around... and that made it stand out.
    It is quite silly, but in a fun way. [​IMG]
    Colors were great, everyone thought this would make for a showpiece DVD. Looks like our hopes were fulfilled on that...
    I will be purchasing a copy!
    P.S.: Where's Robert Crawford when you need him? He started this madness!!! [​IMG]
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