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Jun 2, 2002
I'm about to purchase my first home theater system and after a lot of consideration and research, these are the components that I've narrowed it down to. My main limitation is price, but I want to get the best HTS available in my price range ($1,000-$1,500). Who wouldn't? Eventually this will be hooked up to a 16:9 HDTV, but I can't afford it just yet. So without further ado, here is my list:

DVD Player - JVC XV-SA70BK
- I like the Progressive scan, Dolby Digital & DTS output, and the multiple CD formats and MP3 (not really a deal breaker)
Reciever - Denon AVR-2802
- I like all the Surround Sound formats it supports, the fairly low Harmonic Distortion, and the wide variety of inputs/outputs.
Speakers - Acoustic Research HC2
- This seems like it has a nice range of sound (20Hz - 2000Hz) and high speaker wattage.

My biggest problem is that I live over a 100 miles from the nearest electronics store, and it doesn't have a very wide selection. So I'm relying on hardware reviews and the feedback of other people with similar interests. So, if anyone has any suggestions, please, please let me know. Thanks.

Jason DeCock

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Hi Jason. Welcome to HTF!
The Dennon units have a very good reputation. Thats a good choice and shows you've done your homework.
The Speakers - I've heard the HC units in a open-sided demo room and they did sound ok.
But you have to realize that tastes in speakers are like tastes in ice cream: you and I would likely line up 5 different brands of chocolate ice cream in different orders from "best" to "worst".
The AR units have gotten some good reviews, including from the magazine "The Perfect Sound" so thats a big point in their favor.
The nice part about buying a set - they are all designed to tone-match and should give you a great HT experience.
While you have made some good choices, you might check out www.cheaphometheater.com . This site specalizes in budget HT equipment. The Swan Diva speakers they did a test of have a lot of fans around here.
Good Luck.

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Then buy and enjoy. You will love your new system. :)
Let us know when you get the stuff and are ready to hook things up. We'll help.
PS: Budget about $40 for the Radio Shack analog SPL meter, and buy a copy of the Avia setup DVD.

matt bee

Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2002
I just recieved the AR HC2 speakers along with a Marantz SR7200 Reciever shipped to my door yesterday. :D I haven't had a chance to put them through their paces just yet, as it was about 1 a.m. when I finished hooking it all up, but I really like the sound of the speakers. Bear in mind, though, that this is my first HT system, so I have nothing to compare it to. I just went based on reviews and price. I am definitely pleased with my purchase thus far, though.
In my opinion, the HC2 is a really nice speaker package for those of us on a tight budget.

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