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    I recently bought an Onkyo HT-R550 receiver. I have four Onkyo surround speakers (2 SKF-330F and 2 SKM-330S) and a sub (Onkyo SKW-330). I also have a temporary center channel. The surround speakers power handling are a bit less than the receiver can provide, but I doubt that is too much of a problem. My main problem is that the sub I have is unpowered. The Onkyo HT-R550 only has a sub pre-out unfortunately. This is a 7.1 receiver however. What if I wanted to run the sub off one of the extra surround channels?

    Would something like this work?

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    Hooking the subwoofer up to a surround channel won't yield good results. The subwoofer is designed to handle lower frequency sounds, which are output by the receiver's subwoofer output. Connecting the sub to a surround channel will hardly produce any bass whatsoever.

    You should probably consider getting a new powered subwoofer. Some decent performers at reasonable prices include the Dayton subwoofers at They have an 8", 10", and 12" model. With subwoofers, larger is better. It's all about moving lots of air and producing SPL. If your budget allows, try and go for at least a 10" model. It will better serve you down the road should you move your home theater into a larger room.

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