first hdtv, toshiba 42H83 questions

Discussion in 'Displays' started by ChristopherRO, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Jan 18, 2004
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    hi, i had a long thread made but since that was going to be my first post, i put a link to the 42H83 tv i bought, but now im going to type the short version of my thread that dissapeared.

    first, when i pay my 480p widescreen xbox games, they look very jaggy, is there anyting i can do to reduce that?

    second, i have some of my settings at 40 contrast, 40 brightness, 75 sharpness and color temp at warm, will any of these hurt my tv in the long run?

    third, i was seeing a second blue image for a while, but i hit the refocus button and that fixed it, but will this eventually stop?

    fourth, when playing panzer dragoon orta, i noticed something that looked like the screen was a little fuzzy and was moving to the left, is this normal?

    last, i bought this tv at best buy with the 4 year warrenty at around $1437, but i couldnt afford dvd essentials but is there anyting i can do to improve the picture qualitly? i read somthing about a 9 point convergence, but i have no idea what that is.
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    Reducing sharpness should help your jaggies on the game a lot.

    So you have your xbox hooked up via Component Cables?
    Does it have an option for using the component video and 480i? This set seems to have a good Progressive scan of it's own, may be worth a try anyways.

    Also ya gotta try some 720p from your xbox, but I suppose most games don't offer it as an option perhaps?

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