First Frankenweenie now Wreck-it Ralph stacking disks and scratching them. You gotta be kidding me.

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    It took me four copies of Frankenweenie to get the 3D Blu-ray unscratched. I went through four copies of WIR and all four were scratched. Had to complain to BVHE and they will be sending a return envelope and will send a replacement. This is just stupid packaging. They stack the Blu-rays face down on top of the DVD and digital copy and apparently are pushing down hard enough to twist them and make circular scratches which are the most harmful kind. And no they don't wipe of like most scratches on Blu-rays will. The scratches are that deep. Guys, please check your disks and complain so this won't happen again. BHVE 800-723-4763.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I just checked my copy of FRANKENWEENIE I got from Amazon and it's okay, but I restacked it so that it's under the regular DVD. I'm getting WRECK-IT RALPH today and will check it out.
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    Did the scratches affect playback?
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    Thing is, I don't have a 3D set up yet and have no way of testing it. Since they are circular the laser will be in it longer and I have definitely had cd skip because of this. Either way there is no excuse for this. Blu-rays don't get scratched unless they are blatantly mishandled, and since I can't test the 3D disk, I need it to be in mint or at least near mint condition as the vast majority of new Blu-rays are.
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    No scratches on my Wreck-It Ralph. Avengers 3D was packaged the same way and no scratches on that either. I think, as you suggest, that this is more a case of blatant mishandling than method of packaging, given that BDs are hard coated because the data layer is so close to he surface. Where did you buy?
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    Best Buy for WIR. Went through 3 copies of Frankenweenie at Target before buying the lenticular exclusive at BB which wasn't scratched.

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