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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Chris Bardon, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Chris Bardon

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    Jul 4, 2000
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    Since most of the cool features that exist as firefox extensions seem to only get passed around by word of mouth, I thought I'd see if anyone else here has anything interesting that I'm missing. So far, I've got these installed:

    ieview-still need this one every so often...

    Dictionary Search-Nice feature

    DuplicateTab-duplicates current tab with history

    ImageZoom-I use this one all the time!

    TargetAlert-Much improved in the latest version. Appends icons to links to tell you if they open in a new window, or if they're an email address, word doc, etc. New version has an option to only display these on mouse hover.

    BugMeNot-Very convenient way to bypass registration on many sites. Rather than visiting the website, just right click in a login field.

    TinyURL Creator-Another shortcut to a useful service. Create a tinyURL with a right click on any page.

    miniT-Simple tab rearranger that I use all the time.

    AniDisable-Makes animated images stay still. I don't like getting distracted by too many moving images on webpages, and this was the last annoyance left after flash!

    Flashblock-Replaces all flash content with a play button.

    Sage-An embedded RSS reader. Could use some more features, but it's a good start!
  2. Jay H

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    I am currently running Firefox 1.04 with the following extensions:

    Weatherfox - Small weather bug that sits in the lower right hand part of the status bar. Nice for me to get instant weather since I have no window in my cube. Good for deciding what to wear on my bike commute home when at work.

    Copy Plain Text - When I want to send a friend an article without all the graphics or font stuff.

    Adblock - Disables Ads!

    ImageZoom - Zoom into pictures

    That's about it for me..

  3. Dave Gilbert

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    Oct 29, 2000
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    My extensions:


    BBCode - adds forum code formatting (like on the HTF) to the context menu for form fields.


    ColorZilla - eyedropper and color picker to determine what value a color found on a web page is.

    Download Manager Tweak - I use this to open the download manager in a new tab instead of a new window.

    FireFTP - an FTP client for Firefox

    FLST - Focus last selected tab (when closing a tab)


    Gmail Notifier

    Greasemonkey - create user scripts to modify how web sites are displayed (hide Google Adsense ads, for example)


    LiveLines - Add RSS feeds to readers other than Live Bookmarks with the RSS icon in the status bar. I use it to add subscriptions to Bloglines.

    PDF Download - allows you to choose whether you want to open a PDF within the browser or download it. I find that Firefox will hang while a PDF loads, so this is really handy.

    QuickTabPrefToggle - adds a button to the toolbar which allows you to toggle single window mode on and off.

    Sort Extensions - sorts your extensions alphabetically. Useful when you have a lot of extensions, like me. [​IMG]

    Tab Clicking Options - allows you to select options for clicking events on a tab or the tabbar.

    Translate - translate web pages and/or selected text to different languages.

    Undoclosetab - adds Undo Close Tab to the context menu for when you accidentally close a tab.
  4. Christ Reynolds

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    May 6, 2002
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    my favotite extensions...


    pdf download

    weatherfox - i liked this before i switched to linux, now i have it in my "taskbar" right next to the clock


    ieview - dont need this in linux [​IMG]

    but my favorite is stumbleupon. it runs in a tookbar at the top, and when you click it, it brings you to a random interesting site, and you rate whether or not you like it, and it gets to learn what websites you like. i highly suggest you check it out, you'll find the most interesting sites out there. i had to make a bookmarks folder just for stumbleupon.

  5. Cameron Yee

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    Cameron Yee
    I REALLY like the search engine plugins. I have ones for Deep Discount DVD, eBay, Best Buy, All Music Guide, IMDB. Makes things a tad faster than going to the site first, though I suppose these aren't technically extensions.

    Been using All-In-One Gestures from the beginning.


    Image Zoom

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