Fireball XL5 Coming in February

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Randy Korstick, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Randy Korstick

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    Feb 24, 2000
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    According to the A and E site the Gerry Anderson Cult Favorite "Fireball XL5" is coming to DVD in a complete 5 disk set similar to the recently released Stingray set. DVDEmpire and Deep Discount list it as coming February 25th. This is great news and hot on the heals of the Stingray release. A and E has been doing a great job with the Gerry Anderson shows on DVD. I have enjoyed Thunderbirds, UFO, Captain Scarlet, Space 1999 and am now watching Stingray. I find these shows to be great and fun Sci-Fi. Although I am only mildly entertained by Space 1999 which is definately my least favorite of their shows I have seen. UFO is my favorite. I have never seen Fireball XL5 but have enjoyed all the Supermarionation shows so far. Anyone have any comments on it? I hope they follow with Joe 90 and then Supercar as I have not seen those either.
  2. Lou Sytsma

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    Lou Sytsma
    Wow - there's a show that brings back memories. I actually had a Fireball XL5 rocketship launch kit.
    The Fireball rode on a booster cart down on a long rail each time it lifted off.

    The robot character called Robot I believe was see through with lights blinking off and on inside.

    The show had a male pilot, female scientist, and older male doctor character IIRC - shit we're talking 30 years ago. I only saw it in B&W so I don't even know if it was filmed in colour.

    Beyond that I can't recall much more but I do remember it being my favourite of all their series.

    Oooh it had a nifty end theme song too I believe - something like:

    I wish I had a Fireball, a Fireball..
    Then I could fly among the stars

  3. David Allum

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    May 28, 2000
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    "I wish I was a spaceman, the fastest guy alive.
    I'd fly you ‘round the universe in Fireball XL5.
    Way out in space together, conquerors of the sky.

    My heart would be a fireball.
    A fireball.
    Every time I gaze into your starry eyes.

    We’d take a path to Jupiter and maybe very soon.
    We’d cruise along the Milky Way and land upon the Moon.
    To a wonderland of stardust we’ll zoom our way to Mars.

    My heart would be a fireball.
    A fireball.
    And you would be my Venus of the stars."
  4. michael deakin

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    Michael Charles Deakin
    God that brings back memories. Anyone remember "SUPER CAR", Another great puppet series.

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