Fire-stopping and speaker wire conduit

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by MarkHancock, Jan 30, 2005.

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    I am putting a HT in my basement and am planning on mounting my surround speakers and wall sconces to rectangular columns along the side of the room. I would like to run some sort of inexpensive conduit to them so that I can change the speaker wire later if I need to.

    For renderings and floor plans to see what I'm talking about, click on my gallery (camera Icon).

    Here is the question...

    Fire code requires that I fire-stop between any enclosed vertical space and an enclosed ceiling space and seal with fire caulk anything that penetrates that fire-stop. The 2x4 top plate or 1/2" sheet rock qualifies as a fire-stop but what do I do about the conduit? Do I have to install an electrical box for the speaker and hard mount the conduit into that? That would men using metal boxes and metal conduit! YUCK! [​IMG]

    Note: The same issue would apply to speakers on the walls if you try to run the conduit into the ceiling.

    Normal PVC water/sewer pipe is legal but I suppose that is because the ends are never open as would be needed for a wire conduit.

    Any opinions/ideas?
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    My interpretation of it, is that the code is referring to the fire stop only. Which means the the only thing needed would be fire caulk around the pipe at the point it penetrates. There is no need to cover or seal the open end of the pipe.
    Home builders routinely run central vacuum pipes thoughout a new house without installing the vacuum. So there are usually numerous open ended pipes at the time of possesion.
    Every area has different codes though, not to mention the fact that we live in different countries. But I would be very surprised if you had to seal the pipe.

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