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Sep 1, 1998
Well I am finished with my little home theater 15 months of sometimes frustration and mostly a rewarding learning experience have come to a close around the 4th of July. I did almost everything entirely by myself except for taping/mudding and carpet which I happily hired out.

See the direct link below.


Here's a couple of facts:

There are (2) rooms interconnected. The lobby is 10" x 10" with a beer fridge and access to the rear of my rack plus my DVD's are there. My popper ended up just outside the lobby in a partially finished section of the basement. The main seating area is a scant 11" x 14" and seats 5 pretty comfortably. I thought it might end up feeling too small but everyone comments on how nice the layout feels and not cramped. Could be the black ceiling and front wall?

The screen is a DIY Da-Lite HCCV @ 70" diag. 16:9. The proscenium frames are covered with GOM FR-701 (what else). The projector is an Infocus Screenplay 4805.

The rest of my equipment:

Lexicon DC-1 Ver4 surround sound processor.
Zenith DVB-318 scaling DVD player
Pioneer CLD-606 LD player
Amps by Carver, NAD and Adcom
Atlantic Technology System 350 left, right ,center, rear surrounds
Altec Lansing AHT-2200 side surrounds
(2) Snell Acoustics Sub 550 subwoofers
(2) Panamax Max 1000+ line conditioners
(most of the audio gear is THX Ultra certified if that matters to anyone)

Lutron GRX-3104 lighting control with aux See Touch panel w/custom engraving. Oh yea, all my outlets are black Lutron Claro's.

Thanks for looking.


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Dec 11, 2004
I really like your setup. I like how clean everything looks. I especially like how you setup all your rack with access to the back. Its very functional indeed.
Its real nice looking indeed. I dig the swede finish on the bottom of the stage.

I have a question about the projector.. i would like one as well for mine. Just wondering... how many video wires are you sending to it? The way i understood it was...
You connect everythign into the receiver then send one video out from the receiver to the projector.


Second Unit
Sep 1, 1998
Mike, thanks. The way you do it is run (1) of every type of cable, that the projector has an input for, from the rack to the projector. At the rack you can either use a receiver, stand alone switcher or as I do just run the video cable direct to the display device from the source (DVD, LD etc.) which from a performance stand point is the best way to do it. The problem with that is if you have more than (1) component video source device for example, then you need to use a switcher of some sort. As you stated that could be a receiver. Since my cables are all run inside the walls and ceiling that is no longer accessible once the drywall was hung I ran every type of cable imaginable up to the projector. Hope this helps.



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Feb 5, 2001
Very nice!
I'm wondering if you will make your screen bigger in the future?
I was going to use 52x92 (106" diagonal) initially and decided that I wanted a bigger screen.

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