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Finished my 214l Tempest subwoofer (1 Viewer)

Jin Kazma

Oct 11, 2004
OH... MY... GOD...

I remember my very first subwoofer.. I bought it when I was 16. It was a radio shack brand optimus 10" 120 watt rms sub.. very boomy and very crappy now but at the time i thought I was in bass bliss.

fast forward to 2004 and I am almost 23 and finally upgrading subwoofer.

Rythmik audio 380@4ohms + adire tempest + proudly self built box 214L box + 21x18x8 room = what have i gotten myself into :D

Using a 15-80hz freq. tone CD i played with the various levels of bass...

I have NEVER felt or seen anything like this before.

At 20 hz i saw everything shaking and yet I heard nothing ...

At 30 hz everything was shaking even more violently...

And all the way up to 80 I swear this has to be the cleanest bass i've ever heard in my life.

I only have the biggest grin as i pound my entire house with insane bass..

NOW my home theater is FINALLY complete...

(the bass at 20hz is so powerful that my projecter which is ceiling mounted starts to shake badly and rotates to the left a little. I have some serious rattling issues and room fixing to do now to make the bass even cleaner.

I can't wait for my friends to come watch a movie. :emoji_thumbsup:

I would show some pictures but i don't know where to host them.

Aaron Gilbert

Second Unit
Sep 17, 2003
Congratulations on your new upgrade! I shared your sentiments last year when I built my first monster home subwoofer. You better check those projector mounts. Not only is a shaky picture annoying, but that's an expensive piece of hardware to come loose (even more so if someone's head breaks the fall). :)

It's quite true that with such a subwoofer and a signal generator or test CD, you can easily find out what resonates in your house at which frequencies. My appliances are particularly bad (despite being new) and the shampoo falls off the shelf in the shower in a few seconds with the right frequency/amplitude. Fortunately my projector seems solid.

If you get a little freeware program called SweepGen, you can then connect your computer to your stereo system and do frequency sweeps all the way down to 5 Hz. Now that's a slow woofer, but it sure looks cool when you're near the excursion limit. :)

Aaron Gilbert

Kyle Richardson

Jan 1, 1998
Congratulations. Its always a treat when you first plug in a new sub that you've put your time into and it surpasses your expectations and puts a silly grin on your face. :D


Supporting Actor
Sep 13, 2003

:D I dare someone to say that to their wife! Just a wild guess but I dont think it would go over too well.

Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
Real Name
Even if ones tube or box is not a pretty site, (not speaking to the new formentioned sub in his thread), if one has the time and follows either a proven woof box/tube plan, or sims it out himself, the reward is something to behold when first fired. ;)

Certainly not all can do this, or cares to do this, regardless if they are willing to learn the skills or already have very capable DIY skills. BUT, if one dose go for it, shall we say, and follows a proven design especially a first time attempt, you will be rewarded greatly.

Always research what might suit your needs best for spl & extension capabilitys, and ther is never a dumb question when one is "serious" about their DIY attempt.

Very nice to see another Tempest born and another un/controlable smile comes forth. :D

Not Related Side Rant:
What dose frustrate me and I'm sure others, are those who want the DIY members to basicly design their sub for them...!!:crazy:
Question after question that has been answered a hundred times over in their own thread and others! Simple searchs in the DIY area, along with "following" what is (recommended for you to read & the many already proven sub designs) is just a no brainer (when one is a first time builder)...!

I'm NOT bashing those many who want to REALLY learn, but those few who ask and ask about things that have been answered for them already, sometimes many times.:angry: Quite a number of people who frequent this area and USED to offer help regularly have just clammed up due to this..
These great helpers "now" being more often quite people, are a valuable bevey of information that I dearly miss. No matter how smart a sub/speaker/DIY'er one is, or thinks they are, there is always more, much more to learn...!

So very sorry to get off on something NOT directly related to Jin and his new wonderful toy!!! :b But it's something I've noticed and just not said anything over the months..

Hhappy to see your hearing and feeling a whole new type of bass, a good thing that will leave you possibly craving more in the short distance future. At least, many end up that way once they build for the first time!!! :D

BIG Congrats Jin and look forward to some pic's if you can get a host. :emoji_thumbsup:

Geoff ¥

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