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    I made the plunge and bought the first few components of my starter home theater setup (on Saturday!). I have been a member on this site since June/July and many of you helped me with my selection. I am so very happy with what I purchased (thank you Home Theater Forum Members). It was quite funny in the last couple months concerning salesman at Best Buy, Circuit City and Soundtrack: It seems they are little or sometimes no help when asked challenging questions. I would sift through the posts here to find out my answers and I ALWAYS found an answer somewhere. It was bothersome to go to the store and find out NOTHING from the salespeople.
    I have a budget setup:

    ---Denon 1803 receiver- Will be put to the test tomorrow night when I receive all of my speakers.
    ---JBL s38's (1 pair here... 1 pair to arrive tomorrow for the surround speakers)
    These were such an awesome choice. The sound is great from this 3 way speaker!
    I'm anxious to see how they perform as surrounds!
    ---S-Center (on its way) From what I heard... its going to sound great.
    --- No sub at this time
    I will update when I get it all put together.

    I do have a couple quick questions:
    What kind of speaker should I use for my 6th rear channel (es/ex)?

    Unfortunately, I am using a Cheapo tv and DVD player (my parents shop cheap for Xmas) The tv is an old RCA (with only a coaxial output.... yuck!) The DVD is a LASONIC???? I have never heard of this brand before. Its a horrible dvd player but it does have a digital audio output (coaxial). My question is: Should I use my playstation2 as my DVD or stick with the Lasonic (I will get a Sony 755 w/SACD capabilities soon)? I can't really tell the difference in the audio output (sounds pretty good to me). I can't even tell if it will output DTS.

    Third and final question: Which Digital audio format is better, optic cable or coaxial? Why?

    Thanks again HTF! You have all been so helpful and have made me a very happy man!

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