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Oct 25, 1999
After spending months designing and talking about a Maelstrom, I finally found the funds to start the project.

It will be built to the specs I posted some months ago, a sealed "traditional" enclosure with a net volume (before stuffing) of 145 litres. I plan on using 7 1/2 lbs of polyfill. Power will come from a Parts Express 300-794.

I will be using the Adire 18" Maelstrom driver. The box is going to be constructed from 3/4 MDF and features a minumum of seven internal braces. I added an additional eight internal braces to the design at the last minute, but I am not sure if I will include them.

The box panels are all cut. The Amp is on it's way and the driver will be ordered next pay day.

I am facing some obstacles however. I don't have any clamps to build the box and my first attempt on screwing and glueing some internal braces ended in near disaster with the MDF splitting.

I ended up tring a larger pre drilled hole with a different screw, this seems like it will work. Well, now it's a matter of recutting the split braces and dedicating a half day or so to begin the assembly.

My first subwoofer was a Definitive Technology PF15, followed by a DF Powerfield 1500. I have been very pleased with my 1500 but have always wanted the Powerfield 1800.

This is my chance to finally have an 18" subwoofer. all in all I am pretty excited about building it. So much so, that I am already thinking of my next subwoofer project, maybe an IB using two Shivas.

I'll try to contain my excitement about the project as I post updates :)



Dec 5, 2001
Hey John,

You will love the results. I built 2 140L (external 22" cube) downward firing Maelstroms (bought on preorder) powered by 2 channels of a Parasound 2003a amp (300+ watts 4 ohm per channel) - Needless to say - exellent results.

I would like a BFD to even things up a little, but nevertheless - quick, tunefull bass. Can rumble quite well when asked too.

You'll like it.

I made mine from 3/4 inch appleply. No worries on screws splintering this material. Looks nice as well without having to veneer. All screws are hidden on the inside due to using a pockethole jig. 2 24" capable clamps are all that is needed with this approach.

Good luck.


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Oct 25, 1999
Well it has been a long time coming.
I never did get to ordering the Maelstrom LAST April but, did this April.
Last May and June I bought several clamps and built my enclosure. It is approximately a 24" cube with a seperate plate amp compartment. The entire box is braced with essentially 16 internal braces. every joint is glued and sealed with exterior grade silicone.
You can downlaod the detailed specifications here http://members.aol.com/johnariel/maelstrom_140l.zip
I am waiting for the driver to arrive and planning the cosmetics of the comlpeted box.
Thanks for all the helpfull posts, especially the many supporting posts from Dan Wiggins and the other members of this board that have helped me during the past two years!
I can't wait to get this subwoofer up and running

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