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    Well, I finally have a modern TV and what feels like a "real" home theater. I've had the LG 84LM9600-UB for a little over a month now, and I gotta say I love it! Especially since I was replacing my Mitsubishi 65" CRT RPTV, which was 1080i, so moving to 4k is a big leap!Plus since I actually WON this TV (along with $6500 cash, which got the stand, new Marantz receiver, power center, and SVS sub, and other odds and ends) for my 45th birthday, it is really, really cool! Just happened to enter a contest back in March the day before my birthday, and the contest ended on my birthday, well it was just meant to be. Thanks Skoal! Still getting used to the set, and I hate the magic remote, but picture wise I've been really impressed. Sure full backlight instead of edge would be better, but all in all I'm happy. The 3D is awesome, and I like the passive, which with the 4k ends up being full HD for each eye so the detail is really impressive.I'm also blown away by the new Marantz receiver as well, the SR7008 which is way above the level of my old mid line Yamaha.All in all a really cool way to celebrate a birthday. Now I've had enough bad health and hospital stays over the last 23 years, that I was probably due for something cool to happen, but I never would have guessed it would have been the one thing I really wanted to win for that entire contest! The funny thing was the wife and I were discussing upgrading and I said something like this would be my dream, but at $20,000 (list) the wife said she couldn't provide that, so I'd have to find a way.......then in less than a month I get a FedEx saying I needed to fill out these tax forms and get them back within 5 days because I was the potential winner, that was a loud day of screaming at the old homestead! Still can't believe it, even as I sit here watching it!
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