Finally have OTA channels...a few questions

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    Well, we *finally* have HD channels here in Tulsa, OK (ok, just 1 right now, but the rest are due in June). I currently am a subscriber of DirecTV, so I will probably buy a HD DTV box that can decode my OTA channels as well. Here are my questions:

    1) What HD DTV receiver is the best buy currently? At my local AV store, the Panasonic & RCA are $500 and the Sony is $800. Haven't shopped much online, so unsure if I could get them cheaper.

    2) Is there any quality difference between the receivers or are they all pretty much the same?

    3) I assume that I will also need to mount a HD Antenna...any recommendations here?

    4) Is TIVO available on any HD receiver? I don't think there is currently...but I don't know about upcoming models.

    5) Anything else I should think about before buying?

    Thanks a ton!

    - Damon
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    1. Don't really know. The most knowledgeable HD people are over at AVS Forum. From what I've read over there, the Sony has over heating problems and is currently not in production. Zenith is the current hot item.
    2. Quality is the same. You just buy bells and whistles.
    3. Radio Shack double bow-tie. Highly recommended at AVS.
    4. No HD Tivo. Rumors of one. Dish announced at this year's CES an HD receiver that would record digitally. They also announced the same receiver at last years CES.
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    Also once you try the Radio Shack $17 bowtie antenna, if you have problems getting any stations in, I recommend the Stealthtenna by Channel Master. For $29 this thing kicks major butt! My RS bowtie was fine except for our CBS & NBC stations in Cleveland which didn't come in well at all (the fact that they are on VHF didn't help either since the bowtie is UHF). On someone's recommendation here I got that Channel Master & all my signal stengths went up quite a bit & I got CBS & NBC too. It's really a great antenna. It is about 3 feet across so your best bet is to put it right on the arm of your Dish outside. Inside would be ok too if hidden behind the TV or upstairs etc...

    For the receiver, I agree with reading on AVS or the Spot. For the cheapest, a DTC-100 is the best, plus it's very solid. You can e-bay one of those for about $300 if you are patient.


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