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Finally Diva 6.1 Package on the way!!!!! (1 Viewer)


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Dec 16, 2001
You may have heard me from time to time say that I will be getting the 6.1 package sometime in June. Well the timing is absolutely awesome. Turns out I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks so I can test these babies and give a review of them. I've read countless praise about this company and the value for the money. I placed my order in April so you can imagine my JOY!!! I'll get back to you and will post pics or whatever it takes to share in my experience. Lets just hope UPS doesn't go on strike!!! Thanks for reading.


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Aug 14, 2001
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Sean Ries
Sounds good Joel. Great timing with the vacation coming up!
Just incase you haven't seen it yet, there is a support thread at AVS. There is also an unofficial FAQ here.
If you have any set up questions or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone.
Looking foward to your impressions...
Sean Parque

Rich Malloy

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Apr 9, 2000
Joel, I'm an inch away from going with the 4.1 package (after months and months and months of indecision....)
I can tell you the major thing holding me back now is the question of the new center channel design. Those who've already received it say it sounds great... but I haven't heard from anyone who compared it directly to the old design. As I understand it, av123 will be receiving models of the old design in a short while, so I've adopted the "wait-and-see" approach.
Truth is, I think the new design looks great. But my center channel is below and in front of my television, so making the tweeter higher (rather than lower) is more a concern of mine (though not a huge one). Still, I can't believe that the new design has zero effect on the sound (dispersion, of course, but also timbre considering that the tweeter is now mounted in the box rather than on top of it). If I have a choice, I'd want to be sure to make the right one for me.
I've also considered just ordering the 4.1s, but of course if I like them I'll want the whole package... mains, center, rears. So, the package deal is the better one for, except for two things: (1) I just don't know about the center channel, and (2) I'd also prefer not to pay the shipping for the entire package in the unlikely event that the Divas aren't right for me, after all.
But a big congratulations to you - hopefully, I'll be joining the Diva family soon, too! :)

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