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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Scott*B, Feb 25, 2004.

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    I had posted awhile back about purchasing some new speakers. I've had the set that came w/ the Onkyo HTiB. Had a hookup at BB so had to purchase there. Decision came down to the Athena's, Yamaha's and the JBL Northridge series. I listened to all 3 as best I could. The guys at my local BB were very good to work with helping me set things up as best as possible there at the store. All 3 sets were fairly similar sounding to me to be honest. It came down to the look and ease of hanging the surround speakers on the wall. The E10 surrounds are super easy to hang and look great. The Yammies looked good too and were easy to wall mount but appeared to be rear ported which puzzled me. Why make a rear ported speaker w/ built in wall mounts? The AS-B1 Athena is rear ported as well and I would have to drill into the speaker cabinet to hang them w/ Omnimounts or something which I didn't wanna do. Here's what I ended up with.

    JBL E90 floorstanders
    JBL E25 center
    JBL E10 surrounds

    I'm still using my Onkyo sub for now and will upgrade at a later point. I'm happy with the purchase so far. The new center is much clearer than my old one and I feel more immersed in the sound as opposed to being able to localize the speakers. I'm hearing things in the surround field that my old setup never produced. Thanks for the help you guys gave me beforehand.

    Lemme throw a quick question in as well. This is all being driven by an Onkyo 510. What should I set my crossover at? The E90's have dual 8" woofers so should I leave it at 80 like I had before or change it?
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    I'd just listen to some of your fav tracks with the crossover set at both options and see which sounds best to you. You sub may need the help from the E90's and it may not. If you have cancellation issues, check the placement on the sub first, then phase.......
    BTW.... congrats on your new system.... JBL is a solid choice........and I also though it strange about wall hangers and rear ports....!Good that you noticed that....
    Save up and get you as much sub as you can afford....just remember my sig.......

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