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Finalizing My first HT setup, Pioneer VSX-D811S.... (1 Viewer)

Ricky Hartanto

Mar 27, 2002

I am deciding to have the following setup for my first HT:

Sony Wega KV-27F12S (Owned)
Pioneer VSX-D811S
Sony SA-WM40

Please feel free to put any critics on my plan.

Now I am lack of three items in my plan:

First, Cables, I do not know which brand to buy but I was thinking of AR cables. However, I do not know how many different cables that I should purchase.
Second, DVD player. I was considering a Samsung progressive scan DVD player for around $150 which is my budget for the DVD player. I was thinking that the prog scan may not be essential considering my TV, however, it may be convenient to have the latest tech? Should I purchase a prog scan DVD player or a regular one?
Third, a rear center speaker, since I am going to purchase the JBL NSP1, I was thinking of buying another JBL speaker. However, I do not know if the rear center speaker is the same as the front center speaker.

Please let me know what other things that I should consider such as AVIA or sound meter to have so that it will perform the best.
Thank you so much for your help. I can’t wait to have it all set up as soon as possible J

David Ison

Stunt Coordinator
May 23, 2002
I think you made some good choices, I have the same rec. and it does just fine, with all the bells & whistles and it is easy to upgrade(bigger amp). use 2 JBL's(n-24s) for the rear not a cntr chnl. speaker , go with a prog. dvd player just as affordable. get your cables at radio shack( shielded)also pickup a shack spl meter. the avia is a must in order to set up your system the right way.(audio as well as video)One more thing stuff the sub ,about 50% full with polyfil. not to say other cables are bad they just cost more.


Supporting Actor
Mar 13, 2001
Ricky, if you're not thinking of replacing the tv anytime soon, then just get a non-progressive scan dvd player. A progressive scan dvd player will be useless to you unless you have a tv that can handle a progressive scan signal (i.e. a HDTV-ready tv). The one rule with technology purchases is never buy anything you can't use now. I'd go with a Toshiba, Sony or Panasonic dvd player. Samsung may be fine but I just remember reading about a lot of problems with freezing/skipping with their players from last year. Don't know if this is still a problem.

I'd also go with two N24 rears instead of another center channel and I'd say that the Sound and Vision calibration dvd ($17 at Best Buy) plus a RS soundmeter are good purchases.

good luck,



Supporting Actor
Mar 15, 2002
Hey Ricky im going to go with a similar setup in the fall once I get the cash. If you get a change tell me how your setup goes.

My Future Setup

43" High Scan RPTV Sony KP-43HT20
Receiver Pioneer VSX-D811S
Im going to get the NSP1 and use the 4 N24's as surround and back surround and use the N CENTER as the normal center.
Subwoofer Sony SA-WM40
DVD Player Sony DVP-NC655P/B Black

Component interconects will use Belden/Canare custom cables from RhinoCables.com. Digital S/PDIF interconects will utilize Sony POC-20AP TOSLink optical cables. All other S-Video, composite, and analog audio interconects will be Radio Shack Gold Series.

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