Final year project for college???

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    A question maybe for the serious DIY’ers or engineers. (A bit of a story but any help and I'ld be chuffed)

    I have just started my final year for my degree in engineering here in Ireland. As a final year project, I was hoping to make a injection mould for a extendable flared port for a subwoofer. This was ok as a project but I had to give a reason for making it variable length. I was thinking that the port could be set at its proper length ( 11” for my tempest sub) and then could be varied a small bit to suit a room (like furniture, placement and size of room could interfere with actual output of the sub, I am not sure if changing the length would do much difference though?). I was hoping if some of ye people could answer this question for me.

    Could some one point to a website where it shows the difference in varying the length of a port. I have downloaded one or 2 sub design programs, but are abit too complex, a simplier one would be handy.

    It could even turn into a project about the angle and size of the flares at the ends, where I would have to research all shapes/sizes of flares and make the best one that can increase the sound and decrease the chance of air noise. Any other kind of ideas would be helpful iswell.

    I want to do something in this line but no one really knows what I am talking about in college. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Have a look at the AES paper,
    "Maximizing Performance from Loudspeaker Ports"
    Alex Salvatti and Doug Button, JBL Professional
    Allan Devantier, Infinity systems
    Northridge, California
    Janne was kind enough to present me this paper when I sought information about flared ports, thanks Janne! I found it really informative, though I haven't had time to completely read it (and the listed references) from cover to cover. There might be some more papers on the subject.
    Good luck on your project [​IMG]
    If you really want something interesting for your final year project, might I suggest a Finite-Element Analysis based listening room simulator. That would be so cool! [​IMG]

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