Final stages of wiring new HT, what is the best subwoofer and surround back placemen?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Ryan_AS, Oct 14, 2005.

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    Before I drywall this room I need help with a couple issues.

    I've been reading about subwoofer placement and I'm getting some conflicting info. The room in 12' x 26' with 8' ceilings. Left and front wall and floor are concrete. Speaker setup will be 7.1.

    Now, I've read the best sub lactions are 1) a corner, 2) 1/3 down the longest unbroken wall, 3)you have to "find" the best location. I need to prewire for this RG6 cable Box somewhere in this room. So what should I do?

    Reagarding the surround backs. I've studied the THX and Dolby speaker placemment diagrams and I'm lost. THX has you place both speakers directly behind in close proximity. Dolby has them a 150 degree angle max. What should I pre-wire for?

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    Looks like you have done your research. One more location for the sub - center of the front wall. I guess you #3 option is where you put your sub on your seating location and crawl along the floor to find the best spot.
    When I built my theater, I ran the LFE wire to a box in center front, then I ran a jumper to another in the front corner. I wanted to have the sub in the center front, but I figured the corner is usually a safe bet. If the center location didn't work I would connect the jumper and then have it in the corner. After the theater is completed the center location did work out. I have a plate over the other box. One thing to remember, put an outlet there also. Most houses do not have outlets in the corners.
    Sorry, I don't have a 7.1, so don't know what to tell you there.

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