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Nov 19, 2003
OK, so I've pretty much whittled my list down to the Sharp AQUOS LC-46D62U and the Samsung LN-S4696D. Any final thoughts? They're both 1080P (which I probably don't really need, as I won't be going HDDVD or Bluray any time soon, but what the hell...). The sharp has a 4ms refresh rate and is $2999. The Samsung has 8ms and is $3499. The Sammy has a reputation for better color and is sleeker looking. The Sharp does not have a PC input, which I may or may not even use. The wife likes both, but likes the Sammy a little better (in terms of looks). The pictures were comparable from what I saw at BestBuy last week, with the Sammy holding a slight edge. I have a hard time justifying an extra $500 for an input I may or may not ever use, a slower refresh rate, and a tiny, tiny bit better picture. I've tried reading up on both sets and realize all LCDs have problems. So... anything I've missed or am overlooking? Thanks and sorry for the long post.

Steve Schaffer

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Apr 15, 1999
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Were you able to play with the settings on the sets? If not don't judge by what you saw in the store, as they are never actually properly adjusted.

I've had the opportunity to play with both the Sammy and the new Sharp, and after a few minor adjustments the Sharp is the clear winner--Reds are truer than on about any other lcd panel I've seen and detail and color in dark scenes are amazing.


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Dec 3, 2001
I looked at the Sharp 46" too, nice set for the $. But Sharp has had some banding issues with their new 62 series, especially on some of the 46" and 52" sets. Some sets have banding, some don't, so you roll the dice and hope you get one that doesn't. They have been replacing defective sets, but have not come out publically with any statement as to what is causing the problem. IMHO the QC at their new glass manufacturing plant needs to be looked at. I have since dropped it from my shortlist.

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