Filter-type connectors any good?

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  1. Eric Sevigny

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    Dec 25, 2000
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    I recently came across a filter-like, relatively inexpensive tweak named Ah! Noise Killer and was wondering if these were worth all the praise it seem they are gathering.
    Here are some reference links
    What it is...
    At Audioreview
    Is this really effective or will I spend 50$ for nothing? [​IMG]
  2. Allan Jayne

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    Nov 1, 1998
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    I haven't seen one up close but I believe they are a waste of money.
    They appear to be a treble cutter, functioning like the mellow/crisp two position tone control on cheap radios. The typical method of or suggestion to get rid of hiss in the source material is to reduce the treble.
    However these gadgets may not work exactly like turning down the treble control on your amp as the frequency response characteristics may be slightly different. Such as clipping the highest frequencies more and the not quite so high frequencies not as much.
    Video hints:

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