FilmScoreMonthly Review of TTT Soundtrack!!

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    FilmScoreMonthly has a review of TTT soundtrack up. Here's the link:
    You have to scroll down - it's near the bottom of the page.
    Big s up! A much more complex work as the music introduced singly for each race/theme/location are now interwoven with one another.
    My favourite lines in the review:
    The battle music is informed by and drawn from the complex musical world in which it occurs, so it feels as if there are legitimate repercussions to the waging war. Does this matter on a score on CD, separated from the film? Absolutely, for the same reason a Mahler symphony or a Puccini opera achieves its heights effectively. Drama is context. When Shore's battle music tears through his established material transforming and dissecting familiar themes, hurling them against one another, layering them behind brass clusters and savagely propulsive cadences, it's not just good film music, it's good art.
    I believe I am almost as excited at getting my hands on the CD as I am at first seeing TTT!
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