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    Carl Fink
    My family has a bunch of old home movies on 8mm film. As a Christmas present for my dad, I'd like to find a way to get them on DVD. Any places I can have this done? How much will it cost? What sort of options are there (menus and chapter stops and such)?
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    If you don't have any references, I would check the phone book.
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    Unless you can burn the DVD's yourself (or get someone with a DVD burner to do it), this could get rather expensive...
    Layout, premastering, glassmastering, pressing etc, it all adds up!
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    It is rather expensive to convert film to DVD. Ritz Camera offers this service for about $129 for 2hrs. If you can find a service locally to do film to tape (more common), LIFECLIPS.COM will make a DVD from that for only $29. Now that's cheap!
    I am doing it myself having copied 8mm to Dazzle II MPEG2 on CD-R's(15min per CD-R is equal to 200' reel). I later plan to add the Pioneer A03 burner and just copy from CD to DVD. I use an Italian 8/super 8mm sound projector with the speed adjusted for minimum flicker. I changed the lamp from 100w to 20w and use a telecine adaptor with Hi-8 camera to feed the Dazzle II. You can choose up to 10mbs bitrate for a decent image.
    Good luck, I know your dad would like it.
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