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Scott Kennedy

May 12, 1999

Maybe the mention of the Dream triggered her memory of her dream too. I know I've completely forgotten about a dream I had, then have it pop into my mind later that day...

Michael Hall

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 30, 2002
I always saw the "commands of the voice" to have double meanings.

"If you build it, he will come" obviously refers to Ray building the baseball field, but Ray himself thinks it was done to let Shoeless Joe come back; in actuality, it was built to allow him a chance to reconnect with his father.

"Ease his pain" on the surface is telling Ray to go to Terence Mann, someone who has very little contact with society, and take him to a baseball game, something he had not done for many years since Ebbets Field was torn down. That trip also serves as a clue to finding Doc Graham, but on the surface, it is done to make Mann feel good.

That being said, the covert meaning (to me at least) also refers to Ray's relationship with his father: his father was obviously hurt by Ray's estrangement and by building the field and giving him the opportunity to come back and have Ray make things right, his dad's pain would be eased. So again, double meaning.

Finally, "Go the distance" is along those same lines. There is the literal interpretation, of driving a long way to find Doc Graham, but at the same time, "go the distance" could also refer to Ray doing whatever it takes to make a connection with his father. To go that extra mile, so to speak, to allow the bridge to be repaired.

That's why Ray and Annie repeat each of the messages at the end when he sees his father taking off the catcher's gear. At least that's the impression I got from it all. I could be wrong. :)

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