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Jun 3, 2002
Hello all, my first post here. I have been reading for a few weeks now and have learned a great deal. I hope to build a better system for myself near the end of the year. I have failry new eqpt. in my small apartment, but it is by far even mid-grade. Panny 27" direct view, Technics DD/DTS receiver, Sony speakers, Panny DVD changer, Technics CD Changer. Anyways...

I have been looking at what I'd like to get when I have the money to upgrade. As it seems now, from my reading, that the Denon 3802 with a JBL speaker set(N38IIs and the NSP1) will be the first things I want to purchase.

Through my reading on here I have come across the term B&M. What is that? I am usually very good at disecting acronyms, but have had no luck figuring it out. Also, what are some good websites that sell A/V gear for decent prices?

Thanks for the help guys. I look forward to reading more and learning a great deal from the site.


Bill Kane

Feb 5, 2001
B&M -- bricks and mortar store, as opposed to CC, GG and BB, the place where you can take an amp or speakers home for a tryout and willingly pay the added service costs on purchase.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
B&M started out to mean any store that was real, not online virtual style (Brick and Mortar being the opposite of stores like Buy.com or mailorder houses like Crutchfield). It just meant a store where you could physically go and look at products.

Lately I've seen this used more along what Bill said- it isn't enough to simply be a real store- lately this seems to indicate smaller mom and pop type locations which have better direct customer relations (as oppose to mass market chains like Best Buy).

As far as good websites- usualy this will be product dependent. Some places run specials- so the best place to find your speakers won't be the best place to get a receiver. Often the best bet is to keep the old ear to the ground on forums like this one (and AVS and HTT and DT and HTspot and DVDtalk, etc) and watch for links to specials and deals.


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