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    April 24,2007 is the release date listed for Daniel Boone Season 3 at Critic's Choice. They are also showing two stand-alone releases for April 3rd, the two-parters from S1 and S2, "Cain's Birthday" and "High Cumberland".
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    Yes, I couldn't figure out what was wrong! On my widescreen tv everyone looks squashed, but it's not 16x9. It's the only episode I've seen so far with that problem, but it is very very distracting. I'm surprised more people haven't posted about that here. Is it an isolated problem or is no one watching these dvds?

    In addition, the following episode, MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, as has been posted elsewhere on HTF (without response) is obviously missing footage. There is an abrupt cut near the end that would never have been left in a network presentation.

    Incidentally, to the poster above who said that the series THE DEPUTY was unique for a western series because it used a jazz score, you are mistaking it for another series. SHOTGUN SLADE is the western show that used a jazz score, not THE DEPUTY.
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    The two-parters are out, but the release date for Season 3 has been postponed by 2 weeks to allow time to replace defective discs. One vendor jumped the gun on shipping and some customers got theirs more than two weeks before the street date. They're the ones who let us know about the 6th disc being unreadable.

    Liberation hopes to have most of the defective sets replaced by the new street date. They're setting up a site where people who have a defective set can contact them to arrange for replacement.

    The new street date is May 8th. DanielBooneTV.com has details.

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