Feedback from AR owners?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Brian Kail, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. Brian Kail

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    Dec 29, 2001
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    I am considering some AR speakers for HT use. Does anyone have any feedback about their product? How would I find a retailer in the SF/Bay area? Thanks.
  2. Danny Tse

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    Nov 1, 2000
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    The last AR speakers I heard was the last series of Performance Series. I've seen the latest Performance Series at the Sears store in Oakland, but didn't hear them. As for the Hi-Res series, I believe LaserCity out of San Bruno/Brisbane carries them. Otherwise, check with AR at 1-800-969-2748. Personally, I like to check out the AR-15 and the AR-17 bookshelf speakers myself.
  3. Brett DiMichele

    Brett DiMichele Producer

    Sep 30, 2001
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    I own AR9 Hi Res Towers and an AR4C Hi Res Center and also

    a pair of AR Performance Series Bookshelfs (216's) and another

    Performance Series Center (C225) used as "back" surround.

    The Performance series is "decent" for what they cost.. The

    Hi-Res series in my Opinion are Giant Killers... The AR1

    was review by Stereo Review to be a Class B Audio Product

    and that's a goal that some speakers costing 5 times as much

    or more, have not met..

    The AR1,AR3,AR5 and AR9 all use the same basic design but

    the lower the number the larger the sub woofer is. For example

    the AR9 uses a 10" Sun where as the AR1 uses a 15" Sub. The

    AR5 is the same as the AR9 only the AR5 adds it's own internal

    amplification for the subwoofer secion, compliments of

    Bob Carver Sunfire.

    Check them out and I don't think you will be dissapointed.

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