FedEx Dont bother with tracking numbers!!!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Charles J P, May 22, 2001.

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    I dont know if there is a better place to put this, and it is company feedback so...
    Why does FedEx have a tracking system if they dont make it useful to their customers? I am awaiting arrival of my SVS, and it should be here today or tommorow, but their website says its still in Columbus Ohio (It better be wrong). It has two "posts" on my package. It was picked up at 4:18pm on Friday, and was scanned in in Columbus at 2:51am Friday night/Saturday morning. That activity was already posted on FedEx's website the first time I went there after receiveing my delivery e-mail from SVS, and has not changed since. UPS tracking works much better. I shipped a computer I built to my sister in CA, and there were like ten entries in the 3 days it took to get there, and that was UPS ground!
    I figure if it really got to Columbus (probably a pretty major FedEx hub) in the middle of the night on Friday, it had all day saturday, and all day monday to be in transit to Omaha... so, given that it could already be in Omaha it could get delivered today. If not, I should see another scan-in in omaha tonight and get it delivered tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll get the sub and the website will never change.
    Oh well, there's my little rant.
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    I sympathize with your frustration, but this problem isn't peculiar to FedEx. I've had my share of UPS packages arrive at their destination with very few "progress report" entries showing up in the tracking system. And I've had FedEx shipments show up with multiple entries, just like the UPS listing you describe.
    Some packages just don't seem to be scanned as often as others. Still, they get there -- at least in my experience so far (knock on wood). Good luck!

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