FEAR NO EVIL (1969) - Where is the original 35mm film negative?

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    Hello Robert!

    There is a bit of a controversy in another discussion forum that I frequent concerning the Universal made for television supernatural thriller Fear No Evil (1969), which starred Louis Jourdan and Lynda Day George. Two writers in this other discussion forum both claim that they have "inside contacts" at Universal Studios: one states firmly that the original film elements are safely stored in the Universal film archives and the other writer says just the opposite. Could you please let all of us here know where the original film elements to this horror classic actually reside? Thanks in advance.

    Brian aka "Largo"
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    I wrote the one on Universal not knowing anything on their own movie ("FEAR NO EVIL:AN OBSERVANCE"). I have been on the phone with Universal Pictures, shifted to various depts etc. on this as well as knowing people who work there who, as a favor, have inquired on this. So far, Universal Pictures reps who contacted me have told me that they have NO information on this TV film. Personally, and I'm now about to start a new line of investigation, I'm beginning to wonder if the film has fallen into the PD crack along with other TV films like "GOOD AGAINST EVIL" (also directed by Paul Wendkos). Gary Gerani, who has been behind the DVD release of the Karloff series "THRILLER" believes, and this is not based upon him being totally sure the last time I talked to him (unless since then he has found out otherwise) that Universal has the material in excellent condition.

    I would love to be able to be proven wrong which means that this film could be released as a digitally cleaned up crisp viewing experiance for those who have never seen this Paul Wendkos television masterpiece!!!!!

    Richard A. Ekstedt

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