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May 22, 1999
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We all have favorites. But I wanted to start up a thread listing songs that remained absolute faves for a long, long time, before finally being supplanted by another. And music is a sense memory all its own. Songs, like certain smells, bring us instantly back to earlier, usually better, times. What are some of yours? Some of mine:

LA DEE DAH (1958) - Billie and Lillie + DETOUR (1958) - Duane Eddy
This was the first 45 rpm that I owned, having just acquired one of those 45-rpm-only players (about 12" x 12") that had a large center spindel that dropped one record down at a time, and could hold about ten. I played this song constantly, to the utter distraction of my parents. My dad eventually told me I could only play it once a day!
"Detour" was (still is, of course) an instrumental that was the B-side of "The Lonely One." It happened that I had just come home from seeing THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD" when I listed to the Eddy single, which to this day I still associate with that movie. That one got played to death also.

IT WAS I (1959) - Skip and Flip + TELL HIM NO (1959) - Travis and Bob
Kind of a tie here. Both songs I simply loved when I was nine, although they have undeservedly faded into relative obscurity.

(1960) - Johnny Burnette + RUBBER BALL (1960) - Bobby Vee
I stole the 45 of "Dreaming" from my older brother, who was off to school out of state. He never noticed this on his return, even though I played the song when he could overhear it. His loss. But my loss was of the 45 of "Rubber Ball" ("I come bouncing back to you..."), which I loaned out and never got back. I couldn't get another copy. This was 1960, mind you....no p2p sharing, no commercial reissues, no stores were stocking it after it fell off the Top 100. It was only by pure chance that, in the early 70's (when I used to go into every store that carried records) I found an album that contained top hits on the Liberty label. "Rubber Ball" was one of the twelve songs. There were a lot of albums in the series, and from there I went on to collect others for songs I like a lot, such as "Corrina Corrina" (Ray Peterson) and "Count Me In" (Gary Lewis and the Playboys).

DANCING QUEEN (1976) - Abba
This was my personal #1 for many months. It always played on my way to work, and put me in a wonderful frame of mind for the coming day. To my mind, it's a flawless song. Got the beat. Got the harmonies. Got the melody. Got the performance. Slam-dunk.

YOUR WILDEST DREAMS (1986) - The Moody Blues.
Another happy time in my life, and the theme song through the spring of '86. I sang right along with it...fortunately for them, no one else rode with me when I belted it out. My favorite well into the summer.

Just a few...so many more.

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