"Faux" 6.1?

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    A friend of mine said it's possible to fake 6.1 by hooking up the center-rear in conjunction with the left/right rears. He wasn't sure on how to do it but he said it had something to do with taking both negatives from the left/right rears and feeding them to the center rear (or something like that). Is this true? Can you get 6.1 by using this method? Would it work with EX (isn't EX a matrixed signal where as DTS 6.1 uses it's own channel?) or is this a waste of time?
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    Let me take a stab at this one.
    I don't have the exact reference at my fingertips right now (perhaps someone else reading this thread can point the way) but I seem to recall that there was a way to do this if you have a spare Dolby Pro Logic (or better) receiver or processor sitting around in a closet.
    The process, as I recall, involved taking the signals that would normally go to the left and right surrounds (pre-amp out) and sending them through the pro-logic circuitry. The resulting L,C, R output feeds your Left Surround, Center Surround, and Right Surround speakers. According to the reports, the Dolby ProLogic decoder works with a similar matrix as a 6.1 decoder so you can extract information contained in the surrounds to get the center surround channel. Some have claimed you can get some pretty good approximations of 6.1 in this fashion.
    I was going to try this out at some point, but I never got around to it. Besides, I'm on the brink of getting a 6.1 decoder when the Outlaw 950 pre/pro debuts so it's not a priority with me right now.
    Hope some of this information points you in the right direction. I can't help you with any configuration that simply involves a rewiring of the rear channels without any processing.
    Let us know what you find out.
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    I have the Sony TAE 9000ES preamp.
    The latest SW has a virtual 6.1 mode; it decodes the EX info and sets up a virtual pair of speakers.
    Works geat, a few people compared the two, and found very little improvement using real speakers
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