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Fatal Attraction--Which ending do you think is better?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Nicholas Vargo, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Nicholas Vargo

    Nicholas Vargo Second Unit

    Oct 4, 2001
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    La Mesa, CA
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    Nicholas Vargo
    I recently bought the DVD edition of "Fatal Attraction" at long last, and being a fan of the movie, the first thing I watched was the film's alternate ending, and as it ended, I actually preferred it over the ending that was in the final cut.

    One of the reasons why I prefer the alternate ending is because it comes out of nowhere as a complete surprise. The ending that actually ends the film, although good, is no more than a showdown that is too predictable for its own good.

    For those who want to know the ending:
    It begins the morning after Dan tells the police what happened at Alex's apartment, and the cops show up at his house with the Homicide detective to infrom him that Alex is dead and that he is under arrest for her murder, when in truth she has commited suicide and framed him for it. As the police escort him to their car, his tells his wife to call for help and as the police car takes him away, she goes into the house to find the number, but while doing that, she finds the tape that Alex sent Dan the other night, and she listens to the part that we never heard, as she says if she has to, she'll kill herself. Dan's wife realizes what has actually happened, is releived and gets her daughter as they head for their car to get Dan from the cops as the scene fades to us seeing Alex slice her throat the night before, killing herself as the film fades to black.

    The main reason this ending is better is because it's risky for this type of this film. The confrontation that ends the film now is too easy of a way out. I think if the movie was released today, it would probably have that ending on the film today.

    So, if you've seen both endings of "Fatal Attraction", I would like to know which one you think is better?
  2. Jeremy Stockwell

    Jeremy Stockwell Supporting Actor

    Aug 9, 2001
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    Though, I've never seen the alternate ending, I trust your description does it justice. I've got to agree with you that the alternate ending would have been better.

    The borderline personality type portrayed by Glenn Close is much more likely to commit suicide, rather than attempt murder.

    We even see the beginnings of this when he's getting ready to leave her apartment and he sees that she has cut herself.

    The theatrical ending doesn't follow this through to completion realistically and instead, takes the obvious, Hollywood route.


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