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    This is a great dvd. I do have a question about the cropping. The dvd and full frame vhs copies both have the same picture information at the top of the screen, but the vhs copy has much more at the bottom (probably a normal measurement of information for a full frame presentation.) I was wondering if Paramount moved the image down to avoid microphones at the top of the full frame edition, as the top info. is the same as the 1.85:1 dvd? Incidentally, not to sound like a pervert or anything, but I noticed that a fair amount of nudity is lost in the translation (including several peeks of Glenn Close, and one shot of Michael Douglas', um, "marbles") The reason I bring this up is that it slightly takes away from the film's edgy sexual visuals. At any rate, a fine presentation. Kudos to Paramount.
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    Open matte films are sometimes shot for a 1.85:1 image NOT centered within the 1.33:1 frame. Willy Wonka is one of these movies. This is alright because it depends on different film stocks.

    It's quite possible that Fatal Attraction was shot on Super-35 (Using the ENTIRE frame, not just what was right to the soundtrack era) and then reduced for normal 35mm prints. In fact, the Super-35 format has been used on films even from the 1950's. (The Birds, for example.)

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