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    I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX receiver that gets quite hot when playing a movie in 5.1 or 7.1 sound. It has quite a bit of space in my equipment rack. I was watching "Lethal Weapon 4" & about 4 times through the movie the soundtrack quit playing & the speakers gave a high pitched sound. I hit stop on the DVD player & when I hit resume the movie started playing with no sound. I could see the picture however. I turned the DVD player off & back on & the 5.1 soundtrack came back on with the picture. The last time this happened the receiver shut off. I felt of the top of the receiver & it was extremely hot.

    Has anyone else had this experience with their receiver? This has only happened one time before to me along time ago & I can't remember if it was this receiver of the one I had before it.

    I may need to get fans since the receiver puts out so much heat. What type of fans would I get for my entertainment rack? Would I have to drill holes in my rack for them? Are there battery operated ones or is it best to go with electrical fans? Thanks for your replies.
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    Step One: You may have some tiny strands of copper jumping between the red & black speaker outputs. This draws a lot of current which generates heat.

    Look at BOTH ends of your speaker wires and make sure you dont have a short. Neatness counts here.

    Step Two: A small electric fan is a great idea. You can get one for about $15 at many department stores. The small clip-on variety are good, as are the small plastic box fans.

    The trick is to find a QUIET one. See if you can listen to the ones at the store.

    Just as a test, mount the fan in front of the receiver blowing across the top (to remove the "blanket" of heat above the unit). Does this solve the problem?

    If you have a perminent shelf for your receiver, you can buy 2-3 "Muffin" fans at an electronics store and cut openings in your cabinent and mount them on the cabinent. Orient them to blow across the top of the receiver.

    Good Luck.
  3. Ron-P

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    Stan, I use a 4" fan from radio shack with a voltage regulater. I have the fan running on 4 volts so it runs slow and very quiet. Plug it into your receiver and everytime you turn it on, the fan comes on.
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  4. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    Since you have plenty of space for cooling above the receiver, I have to wonder about the load you are giving them. Make sure you are using 8-ohm speakers, not 4-ohm.
    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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