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    Hello everyone!
    I'm new to HTF to find out information on when my shows will be released. FALCON CREST and KNOTS LANDING are at the top of my list. A few months ago, I was web surfing on Amazon and saw that Instant Video episodes of most of Dallas and the first 2 seasons of FALCON CREST. I was hopeful that this would continue. Here's my deal, I just want my episodes. I don't care how I get it as long as it's in my possession and I have access anytime I want. Since I love TV and have a desire to collect as much as possible, the Instant Video episodes would be a great space-saver for me. Anyway, I digress. When I looked again yesterday (8/14/2012), I happened upon Dallas and saw that the complete series, minus the movie collection, was available, as well as, SEASON 3 of FALCON CREST. I was ecstatic! I called anyone who cared to listen. I wanted to post this because I know a lot of you feel the same way I do. Some may prefer the DVDs, but something is better than nothing, right?
    I made a suggestion to Amazon that customers have the ability to sign up for notifications when new seasons are available through their Instant Video library. This was their response:
    Thanks for suggesting that we add an option to subscribe via e-mail for updates on the seasons that are added newly to our Amazon Instant Video library.
    However, since the video is released by the content provider, we're unable to exactly determine the date when the seasons for any particular title will be released. Once the Title is released, we will upload the video on our website.

    I don't know if this means that Warner Brothers is providing these digital episodes or not. I didn't see anything on the WB Shop site regarding digital downloads. On Amazon though, the complete season is about $56, but I think that will go down. I'm not sure, but am hopeful. When I saw Season 2 some months ago, it wasn't $19.99 as it is now. I have hope that the price will go down, they will release the remaining seasons in a timely manner then move on to providing the KNOTS LANDING seasons.
    I hope this was helpful!
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    Warner are releasing Season 3 on MOD very soon

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