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    Here is how I would design the box art for FALCON CREST's first season.


    Season one's logo was a falcon with a red body, white shield with yellow borders and brown objects on a light beige field. (with exception to a wine glass), so I would make the box itself a deep red in color.

    It seems only fitting that the season one cast photo be placed at the feet of the logo, but centered beneath it. Around the cast picture I would design a border made of grape vines with bunches of grapes growing at various spots on the vines throughout that border...some purple, some white.


    A description of season one's synopsis would read something like this...

    Welcome to the Tuscany Valley, one of the greatest wine growing centers in northern California. You have just entered the domain of Angela Channing, the self-appointed Queen of the Valley. Angela is always standing by to help her neighbors. And by that we mean, help in plowing them under by scaring them into selling their harvests to Falcon Crest. So don't unpack unless you have the strong determination to succeed at any cost. And, don't let Angela's grandmotherly smile and deep brown eyes get your guard down. If she invites you to tea, it won't be to enjoy Chao-Li's amazing cookies. She wants something from you; and that something just may be your soul.

    Starring Oscar winning actress Jane Wyman, as the ruthless Angela Channing, Falcon Crest is the story about family and heritage, and the power to control both completely. Also starring Lorenzo Lamas as Angela's spoiled rotten grandson, Lance Cumson, Abby Dalton as Julia Cumson, Angela's oldest daughter and Falcon Crest's master winemaker, and her emotionally disturbed daughter Emma, played by Margaret Ladd. On the other side of the family are Angela's polar opposites played by Robert Foxworth as her white knight nephew, Chase Gioberti, Susan Sullivan as his wife, Maggie, and their two children, Cole and Victoria, played by William R. Moses and Jamie Rose. Chase and Maggie have come seeking a new life and a way to keep their family together, but Angela wants them gone. And, she will do almost everything she can to make that happen.

    Welcome to the place where life is lived off the fruit of the vine and revenge is sweeter than wine. Welcome to Falcon Crest.

    I am still creating this portion of the sample box art. I will post it as soon as I finish it.
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    What I would do in that second paragraph is eliminate all the "played by"'s, and just put the cast members' names in parentheses. Aside from that, you seem to have written a pretty good description of what "Falcon Crest" was about. Also say "Angela's polar opposites: her nephew Chase (Robert Foxworth), his wife Maggie (Susan Sullivan)," et al.
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    [SIZE= larger]I love the box art posted as the sample on the "FALCON CREST" web page.
    Love Lana and Chase in the background !!!

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