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Failing Yamaha DVD-S1200 (1 Viewer)


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Dec 10, 2002
I've got a Yamaha DVD-S1200 that is starting to freeze up part way through a movie (1.5 hr mark usually). It will usually continue to play after a second or 2 then it will freeze up agin anfter another minute or so. This is getting old... very quickly. Supposably this is a rebadged RP-91 with a different front fascade. Has anyone experinced problems like this with theirs? I can't afford to buy a replacement of similar caliber and would like to try to make is last until tax returns come back so I can buy a Denon 2910. I think it has to be a heat issue causing the problem. I would be open to gluing a heat sink on the IC chips to both increase thermal mass convective heat transfer. This would: A)Increase the time it takes to get the chip hot enough that it won't properly operate and B) hopefully allow the chip to reject heat as its being produced so temperature won't even be an issue. Would this be advisable to do or would there be adverse consequences that I am not thinking of.

Rob Kramer

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Mar 30, 2004
How do you know that it is a heat problem? I didnt get much out of your post. Does it feel hot? Is it in a enclosed audio cabinet? Is other equipment stacked on top? Does it happen at the same time interval for all discs? Does it resume after it "cools down"?

Why not put the player in the open and use it with the top cover off. If it works, then maybe it is a heat problem.

Why do you like this player? You might find that the Denon 2910 does not fit your needs (and it definately wont be more reliable).


Jun 4, 2004
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I'd consider, if this unit kicks the bucket outright, maybe looking at the Yamaha s1500, or s2500 that's forthcoming?

If you're annoyed now, Rob speaketh the truth: Going the Denon route might yield you further headaches. Realiability definitely is questionable at that rate.

Although I will say this: The Denon 2900 is a heck of a machine and is a better unit overall than the 2910, even though it doesn't upscale and doesn't have HDMI or DVI. You don't need it with this thing! The pro scan picture you get over the component cables is amongst the best out there in the

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