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F.S. Polk LSi9's in Cherry + Sanus NF24" Cherry Stands. (1 Viewer)

Shannon W

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Oct 11, 2002
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Ok guys,

With me just winning a New LCD TV from work I now have to sell my spare pair of 9's to Finnish building my system in the Bedroom.

So here we go.

I have a used pair of Polk LSi 9's in Cherry with original boxes. These have been apart of my Home Theater since new and have been used so. There are no nicks or blemishes that I see. But because they are used I will rate them a 8.5 - 9 out of 10. If I didn't have another pair in Black that matched my other speakers in my Home theater I would not be selling them.

So for the speakers I'm asking $550 + Shipping (I have the original Boxes for shipping!)

The stands are Sanus natural foundation 24" Cherry that I bought the same time I bought the 9's. when we moved into out new house they was too short and I bought a 30" pair in the same color.

For the stands I'm asking $75 + Shipping. (I have "I think" the boxes for them also, plus the spikes and everything that came with them new.

Or if the buyer would like both I will sell them in a set for $600 + shipping

Here are the pictures of both. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Also you can check my eBay feedback to see Im a standup person! My Id is ImLow78.

Thanks for looking!

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