F/S Harman Kardon AVR 525 Receiver

kevin tate

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Jul 2, 2003
Sold! It will be double boxed to the lower 48 States.

This receiver was originally purchased from Onecall, an authorized dealer, in November of 2003. I purchased this receiver in late May from the original owner, who had 10 hours of use. I just purchased the Denon 3803. The Harman Kardon 525 has about 25 hours of usage on it (15 hrs most from me). It is 9 out 10 in Audiogon rating (to be safe, but it is closer to 10). I used the 525 to drive the center and one pair of rear speakers, and the receiver was never driven hard. There is no scratch that I'm aware of on the receiver, and the receiver is still under warranty until November of 2005. This receiver comes with two remote controls (the second remote is for the second zone). I still have the original two boxes and packaging materials. The receiver works fine. There's no hiss or shut down problems that some of the H/K exhibits(especially the refurbished models), and the H/K is really good for music and HT. The 525 produces the warm, smooth and non-fatiguing sound that H/K is famous for. H/K also under-rates the wattage on their receivers (see the link below for a professional review).

The 525 is a 7-channel amp receiver with multiroom/zone2 capability. MP3 & HDCD decodings built in. Proprietary Logic7 to up-convert incoming stereo signals up to a FULL 7.1(DPLII maxes out at 5.1), Triple crossover adjustment with bass management for SACD,DVD-A that allows you to set different x-over points for center, mains, and surrounds (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 200 Hz). “EZ Set” which automatically calibrate your speakers. Pre-outs for external amps connections.

45 amp, 85 high current watts x2 @ 20Hz-20kHz, 70 high current watts x 7 @ 20Hz-20kHz, all channel driven. [HomeCinemaChoice magazine tested the European version of the H/K 525 (AVR 5550) at 105w x 2, 90w x 5 all channel driven, and it gave the 525 a glowing review. This review is under http://www.homecinemachoice.com/
Click on reviews tab on top and go to amplifiers/receivers,
on the next tab, go to harman kardon and select avr 5550, search.]

24-bit 192kHz DACs, FM-RDS/MW 30 preset tuner; multizone/multisource, audio-only A-Bus keypads can be connected for multiroom operation without external power amps, two internal power amp channels can be assigned to zone 2; bass management for multichannel audio in (crossover settings 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 200Hz adjustable per channel or channel group per input or globally); backlit system remote control with internal code library, learning function and EZSet auto setup support (included microphone); Zone 2 remote control supplied; onscreen menus; colour coded connections; onscreen display

Connections: Inputs for 5 video sources, composite, S-video, 2 audio-only (including 1 on front panel); 6 digital in, 3 digital out, including front connectors
(optical & coaxial) switchable to input or output modes; 2 HDTV compatible component video; all-channel preamp out; 8-channel analogue multichannel in; headphone socket; remote IR in; remote IR out; multiroom IR in; RS232 for external controller

Surround formats supported: Dolby Digital 5.1& EX; DTS 5.1 & ES
Discrete & Matrix; Dolby Pro Logic II; DTS Neo:6; Logic 7 5.1 & 7.1;
5- and 7-channel Stereo, Hall & Theatre modes; VMAx 2-speaker
soundfield mode; MP3; HDCD decode (allows HDCD replay from digital
out of non-HDCD player), 44 lbs.

Picture of the 525 can be sent, if interested. I have a +2 on the Good Trader List

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