Extremely Low Volume on Sony-W2500 Subwoofer

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by holden1190, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Just purchased my first subwoofer (Sony W2500 ) to go wth my new Yamaha A/V receiver (Rx-V471.) I have the sub's levels as high as it gets (+10.0), but during action scenes its volume is far too low, when it is on at all. I mean, I have to put my ear next to it to hear its rumble. I do test tones via the receiver and they seem somewhat louder. I purchased a more expensive cable, with the same result. The sub's volume is at max level and the connection good. Front speakers set to small. I have the cross/ref set to 100 hz and in negative phase. Watched "Shutter Island" last night and the subwoofer when on was still low. My question: how much sound should the sub put out? Should it be booming like the other speakers or just naturally at a lower volume to complement the other speakers? Is this SW a decent model? Thanks, Dennis
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    Why start a new thread? http://www.hometheaterforum.com/forum/thread/312716/extremely-low-subwoofer-volume
    As much as the soundtrack requires. Properly calibrated, you will not even know you have one during a romantic comedy. During a sci-fi action movie it should be pushed to the limits (depending on volume).
    If your other speakers are "booming" then the sub should probably be working pretty hard.
    That's a difficult question to answer. Based on the picture below, start with the first dial turned half way. It may need to be turned higher later. The second dial should be set as high as possible. I think it says 200hz. The phase switch should be set to normal. The sub cable should be plugged into the RCA jack. Now run the auto calibration system. [​IMG]

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